Adhesive Vinyl


Adhesive Vinyl Price per square foot
3M IJ180cv3
with 3M 8518 Laminate
Intermediate Adhesive Vinyl$2.00
3M IJ-35$2.25
3M IJ-35 C$2.25
Removable Vinyl $2.00
Clear Intermediate vinyl
add $1.00 ft² for white ink ($15.00 setup charge for white ink)
Translucent white vinyl$3.50
Reflective Vinyl
includes cast laminate
White Static Cling$2.00
Clear Static Cling
includes white ink
Pop up Display film$3.00
Backlit Film
includes lamination
Perforated Window vinyl
50/50 or 70/30
Reverse Perforated window Vinyl
70/30 pattern, face mount adhesive
Wall Vinyl $2.50
Poster - Indoor use$1.25
Heavy Satin Poster - Indoor Use$1.50
Moto Wrap w/ Laminate
for Low surface energy plastics (Helmets & Dirtbikes)
Street Vinyl
$6.00 w/ laminate


Laminate OptionsSquare foot Price
Intermediate Gloss or Matte Laminate$1.00 ft²
3M 8518 or 8520 Cast Laminate$1.50 ft²
Optically Clear Laminate
(For Perforated vinyl)
$2.00 ft²
Dry Erase Laminate$1.50 ft²
Floor Graphics Laminate$2.00 ft²
Translucent White Laminate$1.50 ft²
3mil Polycarbonate Laminate$1.50 ft²


Trim- Per Piece$1.00
D/F Adhesive$1.00
Fotoba Trim - Per Piece$0.20
Mounting -Per Sq./Ft.$0.50
Mask or Transfer Tape -Per Sq./Ft.$0.50
Keeder-Per Linear foot$1.00
Contour Cut - per file setup charge$5.00
Framing -Per Linear foot$2.00
White Ink - per sq/ft$1.00 when used with a color layer