Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of any alternatives.”

~William A. Foster

Highest quality wholesale large format digital printing

Since 1995, PC Signs & Graphics has provided signmakers like you with the highest quality wholesale large format digital printing at low, wholesale pricing. This ensures higher profit margins for you, without the expense of owning and operating your own equipment.

Our Process

When undertaking your print project, our first priority is to determine that your graphics are of the highest print quality and color accuracy, by using only the highest quality printers, print media, and software. Starting with fast turnaround times (orders usually ship in 1 business day), to checking jobs and asking questions, rest assured you will get the help you want and the right printing for your needs, first time and every time.

Customer service is the first priority for all PC Signs’ staff, and if you have any questions about your job you’ll speak directly with Wes or the person printing the job.

A Compelling Backstory

PC Signs was established by Wes Faulkner, who, after traveling extensively worldwide working for music groups, met his wife and decided to settle down. Wes had seen and become fascinated with large format printing, so it was a no-brainer for him to go into this line of work. Wes got himself a Deskjet 500 and simply loved the ink cartridge and the way it put down dots of ink.

The printer was fast and accurate and could even do grayscale. This was heaven for Wes, who went out and researched other printers, discovering the NCAD printers in the process. At that stage the market was shifting to outdoor inks, so Wes took the plunge and bought a printer with RIP software that enabled him to do graphic design as well as wholesale large format digital printing.


The Entry to Signage

Getting the RIP software set Wes on the path to working for sign companies. He learned the programs and designed billboard artwork for clients, until the big day when he found Onyx software on Ebay. Up to that point, Wes hadn’t wanted Onyx because it handled print only, without having a design capability. He eventually switched over to Onyx for all his color management, and still uses it for vinyl printing to this day.

The Onyx purchase enabled Wes to offer canvas printing for local framing companies while producing electric signs in his day job. Once he became proficient in the use of the software, Wes quit his job and founded Prints Charming, based on a drawing he did during high school of a white tree in a forest of darker ones. When he decided to focus on electric signage in 1998, the name became abbreviated to PC Signs.

Outdoor Printing Takes Precedence

PC Signs began doing outdoor printing in 2001 for both wholesale and retail clients. Wes had to keep his printer running 100 square foot per hour, 8 hours a day to optimize profitability. To achieve this, he set the prices at cost plus a dollar for profit, which turned out to be in line with wholesale pricing. At that time, no companies in the Triangle were offering wholesale large format digital printing, so Wes began advertising his banner and decal services. He worked out of a carport with two printers and a laminator, and by that time both the software and his computer skills were really well-developed. To build up his business, Wes googled “sign companies,” printed up a banner swatch, mounted it to a piece of foam board and mailed it to the companies who came up in the search results.

PC Signs began getting calls and orders. Since Wes lived down the street from the materials supplier, he would go and pick up rolls of vinyl and banner and chat with the reps from other companies whom he ran into there. Through his networking, he received a referral to a local sign company, who refused to use him because of his retail connections, so Wes dropped the retail and embraced wholesale printing solely.

On Quality and Staying Current

As a powerhouse printing provider to the Triangle, PC Signs is now a full-service wholesale large format digital printing company. Wes Faulkner’s experience with offering outstanding, personal service drives the company’s ethos, with ongoing quality checks taking place throughout the printing, cutting and packing processes. If you have questions, you won’t be dealing with a customer service team but with the industry-experienced professionals who are running your job.

The company invests substantial funds in technology and training to stay current and up-to-date with industry developments, and is wholly focused on giving you, our client, the best wholesale printing experience you can wish for, with fast turnaround, affordable pricing, and outstanding customer care.