Offering a substantial range of substrates for mounting your wholesale banners

Substrates are types of materials used for mounting printed items to form shapes and displays. PC Signs offers a substantial range of substrates for mounting your wholesale banners, which includes Coroplast, foamboard, styrene, PVC, Dibond and magnet substrates. Use of one of these substrates helps customize your banners and vinyl decals for use at trade shows, galleries, retail stores, corporate lobbies and other places.

Many of our mounting substrates are recyclable, waterproof and inexpensive, and some are exceptionally lightweight. Dibond is aluminum-based with a solid polyethylene core, which makes it rigid, stable and scratch-resistant for outdoor use.



Mounting Substrates
Price per Square foot
Unprinted (Based for 4X8 sheet, call for larger sheet price)
4 mm Coroplast$0.75 ft²
6 mm Coroplast$2.00 ft²
10 mm Coroplast$3.00 ft²
3/16" White Ultraboard $3.50 ft²
3/16" Black Ultraboard$3.50 ft²
3/16" White/Black/Black Ultraboard$4.00 ft²
1/2" White Ultraboard

$4.00 ft²
1/2" Black Ultraboard$5.00 ft²
1/2" White/Black/Black Ultraboard$6.00 ft²
1" Ultraboard$10.00 ft²
3/16" White Foamcore$0.75 ft²
3/16" Black Foamcore$1.50 ft²
15mil PVC$1.00 ft²
0.020" Styrene$1.25 ft²
0.030" Styrene$1.25 ft²
0.040" Styrene$1.50 ft²
0.060" Styrene$2.00 ft²
1 mm PVC$1.00 ft²
3 mm PVC $2.00 ft²
6 mm PVC$4.00 ft²
1/2" White PVC
$8.00 ft²
1/2" Black PVC$7.25 ft²
1" PVC$15.00 ft²
1/8" Di Bond or C- Bond$4.00 ft²
$70.00 per 4x8 sheet
1/4" Di bond or C- Bond$6.00 ft²
$120.00 per 4x8 Sheet
Magnet$1.50 ft²