Attention-grabbing vehicle wraps, signs and logos

Adhesive vinyl is a flexible and versatile material used by PC Signs to make attention-grabbing vehicle wraps, signs and logos for your business or personal use. It is most often used to create outdoor and indoor graphics for advertising purposes, but it can also be used as a decoration for walls, windows and other areas of your premises.

Used to make custom banners, vinyl decals, and a range of other products, adhesive vinyl is pressure-sensitive and readily absorbs certain types of ink. We offer a wide range of vinyl types and colors, and can cut the material into the shape and size you need. Several finishing options are also available, all at our low, wholesale prices.



Adhesive Vinyl Price per square foot
3M IJ180cv3
with 3M 8518 Laminate
3M IJ180cv3 60"
with 60" 3M 8518 Laminate
Intermediate Adhesive Vinyl$2.00
3M IJ-35 C$2.50
3MIJ480$6.00 w/ 8548 Laminate
Removable Vinyl $2.00
Clear Intermediate vinyl
add $1.00 ft² for white ink ($15.00 setup charge for white ink)
Translucent white vinyl$3.50
Reflective Vinyl 3MIJ5100R
includes cast laminate
Reflective 3MIJ780 C w/Laminate$10.00
White Static Cling$2.00
Clear Static Cling
add $1.00 ft² for white ink ($15.00 setup charge for white ink)
Pop up Display film$3.00
Backlit Film
includes lamination
Perforated Window vinyl
50/50 or 70/30
Reverse Perforated window Vinyl
70/30 pattern, face mount adhesive
Wall Vinyl $2.50
Poster - Indoor use$2
Heavy Satin Poster - Indoor Use$3
Moto Wrap w/ Laminate
for Low surface energy plastics (Helmets & Dirtbikes)
Street Vinyl
$7.50 w/ laminate
Etch Vinyl, Printed
Etch Vinyl, Unprinted
Frosted Vinyl
Laminate OptionsSquare foot Price
Intermediate Gloss or Matte Laminate$1.00 ft²
3M 8518, 8519 or 8520 Cast Laminate$1.50 ft²
Optically Clear Laminate
(For Perforated vinyl)
$2.00 ft²
Dry Erase Laminate$1.50 ft²
Floor Graphics Laminate$2.00 ft²
Translucent White Laminate$1.50 ft²
3mil Polycarbonate Laminate$1.50 ft²
HP Gloss or Matte Lamintae$1.50 ft²
Trim- Per Piece
For items 16ft² or over
$3.00 per item
D/F Adhesive$1.00
Fotoba Trim - Per Piece$0.20
Mounting -Per ft².$0.50 ft²
Art Set up fee,(Per File)$5.00
Contour Cut - per file setup charge$5.00
Black Framing -Per Linear foot$2.00
Silver Framing -Per Linear foot$3.00
1/2" Black Plastic Frame Liner per ft² $4.00 ft²
White Ink - per ft² $1.00 when used with a color layer per ft²
Double Sided,Rubber Mount Adhesive per ft² $1.75 ft²
Edge Band per linear foot$1.00
iCut Set Up fee (shapes) + Time ($2.50/minute)

TRIM Charge (rectangles)
6" x 6" or smaller
12" x 12" or smaller
Larger than 12"x 12"
$10.00 per file

$0.25 each
$0.50 each
$1.00 each